Our firm has been providing holistic and highly personal wealth management services since 1996.

    We believe that wealth management is more than portfolios, performance, tax minimization and financial planning. At JSF, our overriding goal is to develop customized strategies that aim to protect you from the worst in life and position you to take advantage of the best.


JSF Financial was founded in 1996 by Jeff Fishman, J.D., a former attorney with a passion for helping people and a keen interest in financial services. Jeff started out by giving legal continuing educational classes about finances, tax, pensions and estate planning, and JSF Financial grew organically through enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals and the recommendation of other professional advisors.

To this day, happy clients remain our number one source of growth, and we’re proud of the dedication and service we provide to each client. As we’ve grown, we’ve added talented professionals from across the financial planning and investment management spheres, building a world-class advisory firm that are equipped to help you navigate even the most sophisticated wealth planning issues.

But we’ve never lost our respect for the personal nature of what we do: whether it’s managing a retirement savings account, strategizing for your estate plan, exploring tax minimization strategies, or navigating the implications of a financial windfall, we take care to focus on the human side of financial planning and offer our clients our compassion, kindness, and care every step of the way.


We believe in the personal nature of wealth management. Whether it’s family finances or an institutional legacy, decisions about money are inevitably formed by our relationships, history and values. At JSF, we build this knowledge into every aspect of what we do, which is why our team becomes a trusted and indispensable part of our clients’ lives.

We believe that knowledge, experience, and expertise are extremely valuable in wealth management. But so is compassion, understanding, and a willingness to work together to secure your future.

This remains the foundation of our firm and the commitment we make to you as a client.

Sophisticated planning for personal outcomes.
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