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29 March

Keeping Cool – Morningstar Feature Q1 2024

A family lesson helped advisor Jeff Fishman
support his clients during recent Hollywood strikes.

Morningstar Q1 2024 Magazine | by Charles Keenan

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7 March

Women and Wealth

This paper is a follow-up to our popular Women and Retirement seminar last year.

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25 January

Muni Review: Revisiting Opportunities

No one would blame you for not closely following the municipal bond market—it’s a relatively sleepy place, and it definitely doesn’t get as much attention as high-growth tech stocks or equity markets in general.

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16 December

Preparing for Change: Tax Moves to Consider Before 2022

We are all waiting to see what changes in the tax code as President Biden’s tax proposals work their way through Congress. Potential tax hikes in the future do present us with additional uncertainty in year-end planning. But with current tax rates below long-term averages, it may be wise to go into 2022 expecting that tax rates could go higher.

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1 April

Is Tax Reform Coming—Again? A Forward Look at Potential Tax Policy Changes

With record-breaking stimulus injected into the economy both this year and last, alongside the stated priorities of the Biden Administration, it’s likely we’ll be seeing some changes to tax policy sometime this term. Read more.

14 December

Financial Planning Strategies 2020

You’ve probably heard from us personally about some or all of these strategies, but we think it’s important to outline some of the key action items we think are broadly applicable to our clients. In this short note you’ll learn about a few financial planning strategies that would be timely to address before year-end.

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5 December

What can we expect in 2021? A Look at Economic Stimulus & Beyond

The world changed in 2020, and there are a number of potential policy measures coming in 2021. In this paper, we’ll take a quick look at economic stimulus and address some questions around what this could mean moving forward.

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5 November

An Ounce of Prevention – The Importance of Disaster Preparedness

If there’s one thing Mother Nature has taught us, it’s that large scale natural disasters can strike anytime. Regardless of where we live, who we are, or how much we have, these events can deeply impact our safety and the security of our families.

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5 October

The Potential Impact of the U.S. Presidential Election on the Markets—and What It Means for Investors

In this paper, we’ll investigate some common concerns about the upcoming presidential election and work through
various possible scenarios for the coming months.

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1 September

Identity Theft Protection Information

You’ve heard from us about this topic before, but identity theft is a real and growing threat for the financial industry. As such, we want to share some best practices for protecting your information.

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11 May

A Guide on Navigating Unemployment in California (Part 2)

Navigating the unemployment application process as a business owner, independent contractor, self-employed worker, freelancer, or gig worker under the new COVID-19 exceptions has been anything but straight forward in the past weeks.

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24 April

A Guide on Navigating Unemployment (Part 1)

Unemployment insurance (UI), is a joint federal-state program that provides aid to workers who’ve lost their job or a substantial portion of their income and meet the CA program’s eligibility requirements.

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