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    A list of news articles featuring quotes or interviews with members of our JSF team, organized by topic.

Retirement Planning

  • Guiding The Retired Entrepreneurs, Financial Advisor magazine
  • Preparing Clients for the New Retirement, Bloomberg Wealth Manager
  • A Smarter Way to Buy Insurance, Wall Street Journal
  • Protecting the Wealth of High-Net-Worth Clients, Financial Planning
  • Considering a Roth IRA, USA Today

High Net-Worth Challenges

  • How One Advisor Helped an Olympian Make the Most of His Winnings, Financial Planning
  • When ‘Affluenza’ Strikes, Wealth Management
  • Should You Bail Out Your Kids?, Consumer Reports
  • Helping Clients Navigate the New Tax Code, Think Advisor
  • Tackling Client Biases, Investor’s Business Daily
  • People Need ‘Quality Advice,’ Wall Street Journal
  • Providing Financial Help to Adult Children Can Be Risky, Pittsburgh-Post Gazette
  • A Matter of Trusts, Senior Market Advisor
  • Protecting the Rich from Themselves, Registered Rep


  • Know the Risks Before Investing in Start-Ups, Los Angeles Times
  • So You Think Stocks Are Cheap? Barron’s
  • Foreign Stocks Still Hold Their Shine, Wall Street Journal
  • Durable Domestic Stock Funds, Wall Street Journal
  • 5 Ways to Break Bad Money Habits, US News & World Report

Divorce Planning

  • ‘Who Pays For The Horse?’ Can Be A Divorce Question, Financial Advisor magazine
  • The Pros and Cons of Prenups, US News & World Report


  • Wait ‘Til Next Year, Barron’s
  • Why Athletes Make Tough Customers, Financial Planning
  • Counseling Entertainers, Wealth Management
  • Helping Hollywood-Types Plan Ahead, Investment Advisor

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