JSF Financial was founded in 1995 by Jeff Fishman, J.D., a former lawyer with a passion for helping people and a keen interest in financial services. Jeff started building the firm by giving educational classes about financial, tax, and estate planning to law firms, building his clientele by piquing the interest of attendees.

Over time, word spread to friends and family about the JSF Financial team’s attentive service, extensive knowledge, and commitment to looking out for both the human and financial aspects of financial planning. Continuing through today, the engine of our growth is fueled primarily by client referrals and their professional advisors.

From one person, our founder, the firm has grown to more than 20, and we continue to expand in both size and scope, remaining a trusted strategic partner to our clients on financial decisions of all sizes. Each employee at JSF Financial is dedicated to nurturing our culture of personal attention and compassionate service. This culture, one that Jeff made into a reality, makes us the most responsive, innovative, and team-oriented financial services firm available.